Episode 8 - Ruth Winder

Ruth Winder is a professional cyclist with Trek-Segafredo. As we recorded this episode, Ruth was preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Complementing her U.S. Road Race Championship in 2019, Ruth was one of five female cyclists selected to ride for Team USA. Throughout the episode, we talk about Ruth’s path to the Olympics, the people who inspired her to pursue a career in cycling, and the unsuspecting nickname she received when first hitting the road scene in Europe.


Episode 7 - Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter is a professional ultrarunner. To give you some perspective on Zach’s career, he’s a 100 Mile World Record Holder, a 12 Hour World Record Holder, and a 4x Team USA 100k World Champion. This fall, Zach’s running across the country for a charity called Fight for the Forgotten. During our conversation, we talk about why he’s taking on this challenge to run from San Francisco to New York, the ins-and-outs of his ketogenic diet, and how he made the transition from being a teacher to a professional ultra-runner and coach.


Episode 6 - Mathilde Becerra

Mathilde Becerra is a professional rock climber for The North Face. She started climbing in her hometown of Toulouse, France and by 16, she was a member of the French National Team. It wasn’t long before Mathilde became a National Champion in 2010 and then again in 2016. But as expectations grew, her passion for sport climbing diminished. During our conversation, we talk about why Mathilde eventually closed the chapter on her competitive climbing career and how she has opened a new one in the outdoors.


Episode 5 - David Goettler

Based in Chamonix, France, David Goettler is a professional mountaineer for The North Face. Focusing on projects for 8,000 meter peaks, David has summitted 5 of the world's 14 highest mountains, including Dhaulagiri, Lhotse and Makalu - and has also climbed to 8,200 meters on K2. During our conversation, we talk about David's childhood and how family vacations shaped his love for adventure, the importance of failure to becoming a professional mountaineer, and some of his favorite stories from his expeditions.   


Episode 4 - Stevie Kremer

Stevie Kremer is a professional ski mountaineer and ultra runner. In addition to being a back-to-back Skyrunning World Series Champion (2013, 2014), she's also a mom and a middle school teacher. During our conversation, we talk about a race Stevie won at 20,000 feet in Tibet, the mental talk she uses to stay positive, and the principles that keep her life balanced.


Episode 3 - Jacob Mellish

Jacob Mellish grew up in Cape Town, South Africa (SA). By 12, he was travelling the world surfing professionally. During this time, he won some of the biggest surfing comps in SA. But by 20, Jacob had lost his drive for professional surfing and started  teaching yoga. During our conversation, we talk about Jacob’s early beginnings in Cape Town, his surfing career on the World Tour, and the transition he made from riding waves to pursuing his new passion on the mat.


Episode 2 - Max King

Max King is an American ultra runner. In 2014, he won the 100K World Championships and was crowned World Mountain Running Champion in 2011 – the first American to capture that title in 14 years. During our conversation, we talked about a passion project Max did on Route 66, his formative years as a track athlete at Cornell University, and a series of youth trail running camps he’s been running in Oregon and California for the past five years.


Episode 1 - Joe Sinagoga

Living and working in Manhattan, Joe Sinagoga has 25 years of experience training in Central Park. His philosophy, "Mindset in Action," encourages everyone to get outside the artificial environment of the gym and experience training in nature, using what the landscape provides for a mind and body elevating experience.