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Our mission is to build a fitness community that adventures beyond the gym. We want to help people get fit, trainers get paid, and athletes get outdoors. On our platform, we virtually connect customers with coaches who teach them how to run marathons, ride waves, climb mountains, and lift rocks. This is not a nature walk. We push limits, dig deep, and find more. Come along for the ride.


My name is Tim Donovan. I am the Founder of ShayrdAir. I grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and lived in China for several years. While working for a non-profit, I traveled the world and worked in places like India, Malawi, and Jordan. Leading teams in remote, low-resource environments, I developed a drive to explore and find new ways to solve problems.

I later moved to New York City to pursue an MBA at Columbia. To quiet my mind and find direction, I have always relied on fitness. Uninspired by gyms in New York, I connected with a fitness community in Central Park. Rain, snow, or shine, they taught me how to take my training outdoors. Compared to exercising inside, I looked better, thought clearer, and was more motivated to keep going.

Realizing the value of this experience, I decided to merge my passion for outdoor fitness with a digital business model. I wanted to build a company that would teach others, the same way my community in Central Park taught me. To represent the spirit of camaraderie, adventure, and optimism that I experienced, I named the collective ShayrdAir, an online platform for outdoor athletes to come together, share ideas, and discover new heights for years to come.