I'm getting back into fitness, how hard are the classes?

We welcome all levels in our classes. Our trainers can modify programs according to your level of experience. Simply let them know that you are easing back into fitness and they will modify as needed. Don't hesitate to join us, just get started!

What happens if it rains?

We train - rain, snow or shine! In other words, we're weatherproof. Sometimes this borders on crazy, but it is the sessions in the harshest conditions that usually bring out the best in us.

Do I need to bring any of my own equipment to class?

Yes! For the time being, we are requiring all trainees to wear gloves.

Are there restrooms?

Yes! All our locations have restrooms onsite.

How big are your classes?

Our classes range in size from 2-10. We believe that more than 10 trainees dilute the deliberate, personal exchanges we are after.

Will someone help me with my form?

Absolutely! The instructor will have their eye on you to make sure you are training correctly.

Can I take multiple classes a day?

You are welcome to take as many classes as you want!

Who should I reach out to if I have questions?

Please email help@shayrdair.comĀ or call 862-345-0954. We are here to help!