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Nasim Eshqi

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, kickboxing was my first passion! It was a great outlet for my energy and with hard work, I became Iran's National Champion 10 years in a row. 
My transition to climbing happened by chance when I was recruited to climb Mount Damavand, Iran’s highest peak (5,610m). Despite a late start at 23, that expedition ignited a fire in me that steadily transformed into a fulfilling career in climbing. So far, I have opened more than 100 routes across Armenia, Georgia, India, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Italy, and, of course, Iran. When I’m not travelling to climb new rock, the other driving force in my life is coaching. I love helping people meet their goals!


English, Arabic

What I provide

Many coaches can get you physically stronger in the gym, I, on the other hand, cannot stand having a roof over my head! With that in mind, I help people become mentally stronger, so they can become better, more confident climbers outdoors.


Bridging Divides

An important part of my travel involves giving presentations, showcasing Iranian climbing and culture to help build a bridge between Iran and Europe and break the fear of Iran which spreads through the media. It doesn't matter if I am a girl or boy, black or white, Iranian, German, American or British. Gravity pulls us all down with the same force.


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  • First Ascent of 100+ Routes
  • Vertical Life, World's Top
    5 Route Setter
  • A Girl for All Seasons,
    Bisotun Wall, 1st Ascent
  • Mr. Nobody, Baraghan, 
    2nd Ascent, 1st Female
  • Mountain Warrior's, Mt. Alamkooh 5.13, 1st Ascent
  • DMM Professional Climber