Jordan Cannon
Mentor Program



eCourse covering climbing movement, systems management, and climbing history and ethics 

Zoom Course

Zoom course diving deeper on eCourse material and other topics like gear and training

Jordan Clinics

Six hours of private instruction with Jordan and 14 classmates at Denver climbing gym


29 peers who will become climbing partners and lifelong friends

Outdoor Clinics

4 weekends' worth of outdoor clinics following a sport climbing or trad track

 Slack Channel

Slack channel that puts Jordan and your 29 classmates in your pocket for a whole year.

Learning Teams

A 5-person learning team consisting of peers with similar experience to you

Brand Partner Discounts

Discounts on Black Diamond gear and apparel

Graduation Day

A graduation clinic in Cleark Creek Canyon with Jordan and Smile Mountain Guides

Program Dates

Jan 1 - eCourse Released*
Jan 16 - Zoom Course Begins
Jan 18 - Kickoff Happy Hour In Denver
Jan 26 - Jordan Movement Clinic in Denver**
Feb 6 - Zoom Course Ends
Feb 18 - Training Lecture By Simon Moore
Feb 24 - Jordan Training Clinic in Denver*
Mar 3 - Training Lecture By Simon Moore

Mar 12 - Jordan Zoom Check-in 1
Mar 21 - Black Diamond Shopping Event
Apr 2 - Jordan Zoom Check-in 2
Apr 27 - Outdoor Clinic 1*
May 4 - Outdoor Clinic 2
May 11 - Outdoor Clinic 3
May 18 - Outdoor Clinic 4
June 8 - Mentor Program Graduation
June 14 - Wyoming Climbing Trip***

*Syllabus: To review the program curriculum, please tap the "Join Us" button below and click on the Syllabus link.

**Scheduling: Indoor and outdoor clinics take place on Saturdays and Sundays. For example, Jordan will teach the movement clinic on Jan 26 and Jan 27. Each clinic will consist of 15 students. Students choose which date works best for them upon purchase. We distribute date preferences on a first-come, first-served basis.

***Climbing Trip: ShayrdAir organizes a climbing trip to Ten Sleep, Wyoming, to celebrate the end of the program. This year's climbing trip takes place Jun 14-16. Jordan and our program alums will join you in celebrating your accomplishments. Your campsite reservation for the weekend will cost $20.

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