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Meet Shaina

Shaina Savoy

Shaina, a Nutrition Therapist Master and La Sportiva athlete, discovered her passion for nutrition through her love for rock climbing. Recognizing the importance of proper nourishment to excel, she began prioritizing her dietary needs - a shift that allowed her to unleash her full climbing potential.

Since, Shaina has climbed numerous 5.13s, with her most challenging ascent being 5.13d, and finds joy in guiding fellow climbers toward achieving athletic excellence while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Climbing Performance & Nutrition Program.

During her three-month program with pro Jonathan Siegrist, Shaina helps you dial your nutrition and level-up your tactics and training to achieve optimal performance.

Fuel Smarter

With Shaina as your mentor.


  • 5.13d, End of Days, Mt. Charleston
  • 5.13c, Dolce Vita, Céüse, France
  • 5.13c, Pucker, The Cathedral
  • 5.13c, Crew Dragon, Mt. Potosi
  • 5.13a, Nothing Shocking, Red Rock

Shaina's Philosophy

Shaina's philosophy applies whole, nutrient-dense foods to everyday life while still enjoying the fun stuff. She believes nourishing yourself should be simple, easy to follow, and in alignment with your health and performance goals. She simplifies it for you.

See You Out There.