Climbing Performance & Nutrition with Jonathan Siegrist & Shaina Savoy

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Buy with Shop Pay for monthly payment optionsLimited to 30 climbers, in-person & online, open to enrollment worldwide. 

Develop tools, strategies, and improved fueling habits to accelerate your climbing performance. Review Jonathan & Shaina's Program Syllabus for dates and details. Have questions? Schedule a call with our Admissions team.

Program Overview

June: Jonathan & Shaina's Master Class released, Jonathan's Zoom Course begins, Shaina's Zoom Course begins.

July: Halfway Party, Outdoor Clinic with Jonathan & Shaina in Boulder, CO, Jonathan & Shaina's Zoom Courses continue.

August: Graduation Climbing Trip with Jonathan & Shaina in WY, Jonathan & Shaina's Zoom Courses end, Final Zoom Program Wrap-up.


For dates and details, review Jonathan & Shaina's Program Syllabus, schedule a call to ask questions, or text/call our admissions team at +1 862-345-0954. We're here to help!